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Although Wang Sen defeated Switzerland's Stephen in the first round of the second round of 8-9 15-14, but unfortunately lost to Kyrgyzstan's Carter Chio Rini, missed the cut. Just won the men's Epee Individual medal in the National Games of the second round of Li Guojie in the first round bye, he also regrets negative for 13-14 sword Medvedev Medvedev, missed the top 64. 18148440

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The Eleventh National Games (third Sabre Fencing preliminaries and national championship station)opened yesterday in Tianjin, held on the first day of the individual competition, Zhong and Tan Xue respectively won the men and women sabre champion.
Ninth, after the red ball stage, Wei Liang won the right to attack, a Taiwan - Ching, Liu fake Ray Bans answered witha bureau. 5-4 counter ultra score.

The match is only Hendry's prelude to challenge, Chinese eight ball billiards emperor not only so,also hopes to be able to more involved in the billiards Sports: "the Chinese eight ball game? If I had time I would certainly prefer to play the game, this is a good idea." If Hendry wishes come true, thenin the development of the national tournament or event, ordinary fans also have the opportunity tobecome rivals and Hendry.

Eighth, Sun Tao's considerable fluctuations, the first round with a 5-0 win over Liu Liwei, the second round, but lost Jingzhou, 3-5 lost to Liu Chenggang fall defeated department. After Sun Tao fell intodefeat, with his killer, with a 5-3 win over Chen Jianfeng, a strong 64 in advance.

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The women's foil individual race, the 38 year old Jiangsu player Xiao Aihua followed the games fourconsecutive myth.
In 2010, Huang Qiang and Malaysia girl tied the knot, suddenly his Olympic dream became nearly a lot. In 2011 July, before the world championships in Shanghai, Huang Qiang has been through thespecial application of Malaysia nationality, as long as time permits, his Olympic Games still. In Shanghai, while Huang Qiang guidance team training, while also embarked on the springboard,began the difficult comeback road. 45998782

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Fourth, the king by pole No. 9 scored, and homeopathic 15 ball liberation, then the rest of the No. 15 and No. 8 firmly scored, showing great strength.

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With this fight, Zhang Tiequan American players have a direct understanding, "in fact, they'redomestic players in the gap is not large, (we) is a power and ground." However, these in his opinionwill not become obstacles to hinder their progress, "all this can be overcome." Although he is the only one in the USA UFC, but he says many players have the ability to play UFC, he also hope thatthrough their own efforts to promote the sport, let more players into the UFC Chinese.

The next game, Qiu Bo did not give them any chance to catch up, and in the fourth and fifth hopsrespectively got over 108 percent and 104.45, after the six round with a score of 574.80 won the gold medal. This is Qiu Bo's first career world cup champion, also Chinese diving team after a lapse of six years after winning the gold medal.

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"The horse teacher play is a kind of enjoyment, his temperament is very good, giving a veryprofessional, very gentleman feeling, other famous players difficult to give people the feeling," a scene is using its own mobile phone video viewers to tell their own experience.

Zhou Zining is currently working in the Beijing Valley High Xibahe shop, and talked about the origin of Takatani, Zhou Zining said a lot of words to say: "I represent the continuous high valley played threegames, and the high valley are very familiar, and Liu Xiang manager also very well, we all know," Zhou Zining said.

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